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Blockchain Classroom Training

Blockchain has become the backbone of the new age internet. Initially it was formulated to aid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But with the advent of technology wave the tech community has carved a path to incorporate this technology into different…

Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA) training and certification provides you with a deep understanding and exposure to the blockchain domain. CBA training and certification prepares you to make important decisions related to blockchain projects and a…


This is a 1-day workshop that teaches people with a non-technical background how blockchain works in a way that the concepts and principles can be understood without a need to understand the inner-technical workings of blockchains. Our blockchain classroom training is designed to lead participants in stages so that by the end of the class they have a clear understanding about the power of a blockchain and how it can change the way we do business forever.

Blockchain Training

There is a lack of understanding about Blockchain

There are many different training companies that tend to introduce blockchains at a high technical level, and also include a lot of classes that dig deep into the technical details of blockchains. However, most fail to address or explain the a critical non-technical area which is how blockchains can actually make a business’s operations more efficient and secure. We have grouped technology and design with business experts in this field to deliver this exciting and new opportunity.


In one demonstration during the training, the attendees role-play the parts of banks which form a consortium, with each bank being added to a blockchain. By following the scenario they experience and learn about the benefits of a blockchain for trust, security and consensus.

As the participants build their block, they also have to take action to ensure that the process keeps flowing, which simulates how a blockchain actually works. The interactive nature of this business simulation activity increases and stimulates interest in learning more about blockchains.


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