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Our Services

Enterprise-grade Blockchain Services

Blockchain SVCS can deliver your organization Blockchain technology training programs combining multiple training modalities. Classroom sessions, keynote speakers, workshops and interactive webinars are just a few of the available options we can deliver for our clients.

We offer a wide range of training options which we can combine to create the exact solution that will address your training and certification goals, all on a schedule that will fit your needs.

Blockchain SVCS also produces and delivers custom branded blockchain technology training materials and Blockchain content including online newsletters, instructional video series and thought leadership.

Our Services

We offer language and platform specific blockchain technology training courses for developers including Ethereum and RSK, and we work with all the most popular blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, NXT, Ripple and more. We also develop custom blockchains for specific projects.

Our wide range of training options can be adapted and combined to deliver the right solution for your organization’s needs.

Turn Key Solutions

With extensive expertise in implementing blockchain for different industries, we develop competitive and innovative solutions to serve the needs of your target users.


We help enterprises to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market suites a particular case. Blockchain SVCS also aids you in removing both business and technology-related constraints on the way.


Blockchain SVCS delivers hands-on training for corporate engineering teams who learn how to build industry-tailored solutions using a wide range of blockchain frameworks, including Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Proof of Concept

Validating technical approaches offered by a blockchain framework, we help you to assess whether the chosen solution addresses your needs. Blockchain SVCS also investigates into alternatives to employ, as well as identifies the aspects to be further improved.

Proof of Value

Blockchain SVCS assists you in defining whether blockchain is the right fit for adoption by your organization. We analyze what financial and time resources the adoption may require, as well as contemplate if return on investment is measurable and justified.

Mininmum Viable Product

Blockchain SVCS builds a working solution out of a concept for you to get an early feedback from end users and prove the product feasibility.

We offer Fast and Agile Turn-key Solution

Sticking to best practices of the Agile methodology, we offer full-cycle development services from an idea to a turn-key solution. Learn how we make the magic happen.

Idea Evaluation

Collaborating with experts of Altoros, you will be able to evaluate feasibility of a blockchain-based project to be developed

Product/ Solution design

Our engineers design the solution’s architecture, relying on tried-and-true approaches and mature blockchain frameworks.

Product/ Solution Delivery

Developers at Altoros are respectful to meeting critical deadlines and the established budget, while ensuring the product’s excellence.

Transition into production

Complying with your user acquisition plan, we take care to seamlessly move from deployment into production.

Continuous improvement and Support

Altoros team is always on guard to assist you in further improving the developed solution up to the demands of end users.

Consulting Benchmarking And Research

We help enterprises to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market fits a particular case. On the way, Altoros also aids you in removing both business and technology-related constraints.

While listing 10–30 use cases of what blockchain brings to your business, we measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity/amount to turn it into a new revenue source. We help competitive companies to acquire competitive business models.

Blockchain SVCS is Contributing to the Blockchain Revolution with Technical expertise at all levels.

Our experience in the blockchain development ensures round the clock client satisfaction. The driving factor for our company’s growth is due to the wide range of customized solutions for diversified industries. We are constantly working towards building a decentralized world powered by Blockchain technologies.

Our team of adept blockchain developers can provide you with tailor-made solutions as per requirements.

Business case clarification

Use Cases for Blockchain.

Business case clarification

Proof of Concept (PoC) for Blockchain

Business case clarification

A minimum viable product (MVP) for Blockchain applications.

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