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Accredited Blockchain Professional Certification Exam

Blockchain Certificate for all sites

Accredited Blockchain Professional Certification Exam

CAD $95.00

Start your exam at anytime after your payment and receive BCP certificate by e-mail upon passing the exam with 70% correct. 50 multiple choice questions.


90 Mins

1 - Free

If Necessary


50 Multiple Choice Questions

Upon passing the exam with a minimum score of 70% ( 35 out of 50 ) you will be automatically and immediately emailed an IBCI accredited certificate with name, date and certification number that is accredited by the International Blockchain Certification Institute, IBCI, England, UK Blockchain-Certification.org

The exam covers a wide range of topics all of which would be expected to be understood by a Blockchain Professional working as a Blockchain IT Specialist, Architect or Consultant.
The IBCI Certification is recognised by International Business Organizations and Government Institutions.

The exam questions covers the following areas of Blockchain technology:

Become a certified blockchain professional (CBCP)

Many businesses have already begun to use blockchain technology to develop new applications to use in and with both their modern and traditional systems.

By being certified, you’ll be able provide Blockchain based solutions to these businesses and enterprises.