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Blockchain Training is a service by Blockchain SVCS Ltd, a UK Registered Company (No.11504847). We are the UK’s leading training and education provider for blockchain technology. We partner with organizations and individuals to address their unique needs in blockchain training and education.  


We provide both online blockchain training and classroom-based blockchain training courses to businesses and individuals in Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the EU and the United States. We administer professional training and certifications through the International Blockchain Council. The Certified Blockchain Expert and Certified Blockchain Architect training exams and certifications are our top 2 most popular services. Our company is registered in the United Kingdom and we have monthly training courses available in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary,  London, Zurich, Lisbon and Bucharest.   Strategic partner with iHodllife.com https://www.ihodllife.com/
Hodlife Canada Blockchain


Wahsidin Tjandra

Blockchain and DLT Architect

Tristan Schroeder

CEO iHodllife

Machiel Tesser

Lean Blockchain Systems Architect

Graeme Parker

DLT and Cyber-Security Consultant

Josina Rodrigues PhD

Blockchain Trainer

John Dennis

Blockchain-Lean Strategist


AI and Robotics Architect

Imtoj Oberoi

Blockchain and DLT Architect

Why Choose us?

With a team that is composed of recognized top leading experts in blockchain, and an internationally recognized curriculum that covers all the main areas of blockchain technology, Blockchain SVCS Ltd training programs ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed.

We are the UK and Canada’s leading training and education provider for Blockchain technology. Our classroom training, online training and certification exams are internationally accredited by the Blockchain Council.


We provide the coding and developer training that is needed to be able know how to program and develop blockchain based solutions. Our wide range of training options can be adapted and combined to deliver the right solution for your organization’s needs.

Blockchain online training can be accessed on-demand; anytime, anywhere and on any device. We also provide live instructor-led training if desired, in order to address more specialized and custom training requirements.

We offer language and platform specific blockchain technology training courses for developers including Ethereum and RSK. As well as fast and agile turn-key solutions in areas that range from training and consulting to proof of value and proof of concept.

Our vast experience in blockchain ensures client satisfaction. Our team of experienced blockchain developers provide tailor-made solutions as per requirements. Our wide range of customized solutions for diverse industries is what drives our company’s growth.

Our Partners

The International Blockchain Council Finos – Disruptive TrustTech Information Technology and Services, Amsterdam, Holland

Strategic Partners of Blockchain SVCS Ltd